Stupidity Runs Rampant

    I was grocery shopping with my children the other day and was approached by a woman with a puzzled look on her face. I thought she needed help finding something in the store. I was rather surprised when she proceeded to ask me some very personal questions. She asked if my two youngest’s dad was black. I replied with, “Yes, my husband is black.”

    She responded with, “But you’re oldest is white. So, you haven’t always liked black men?”

I paused for a moment and said a silent prayer because all I really wanted to do was slap her in the face at this point. As hard as it was,I remained calm and said, “When I look at my husband, I don’t see a black man. I see my rock, a proud and loving father, a role model for my oldest son, a strong soldier who selflessly serves his country to provide crass people like you the freedom to ask inappropriate questions to complete strangers!”

    I walked away fuming but with my head held high. I’ll never understand the nerve of some people.




(From left to right: Callum 20 months, Fisher 5, Lynley 2 months)

Should Men Really Help Us With Housework?

Image                 I was feeling a little overwhelmed this past weekend, and my husband apparently noticed because he asked me if I was about to have “my time of the month”.   Now, I’m not sure if it was the look on my face or the sudden realization of what he just said, but he immediately offered to clean the kitchen.  I’ve been so sleep deprived and exhausted lately that I reluctantly agreed.  Like most women, whether it’s cleaning or just folding towels, I have a certain way that I want things done.  He completely ignores that and does things “the man way” as he likes to call it.   Basically, it means that when he’s finished, not only will i have to go in there and actually clean, I won’t be able to find ANYTHING!!  The glasses always end up in the cabinet for the plates, the silverware is thrown haphazardly into the drawer, and I end up feeling like a stranger in my own kitchen. I just don’t get it.  When he’s thirsty, he reaches into the right cabinet for a glass, and the same goes for grabbing a plate when he’s hungry.  Why not just put everything where I want it in the first place?

5 Low Cost “Momcation” Ideas

1.  A trip to the bathroom where you actually get to close the door! (No tiny hands opening and closing the drawers and cabinets and drawing on the floor with your favorite Clinique eyeliner.)

2.  An uninterrupted cup (or three) of coffee. Just you, your cup o’ Joe, and sweet, sweet silence.

3.   A shower that includes being able to use shampoo and conditioner not the usual “seven minute clean what you can before something gets broken” shower you’re used to, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could soak in a bath.

4.  An hour of “grown up” TV. There’s only so many times you can do the Hot Dog dance before wanting to pull your hair out.

5.  Picking the dessert of your choice and eating it ALL! No sharing!  No pulling back a soggy cookie covered in toddler drool!