Should Men Really Help Us With Housework?

Image                 I was feeling a little overwhelmed this past weekend, and my husband apparently noticed because he asked me if I was about to have “my time of the month”.   Now, I’m not sure if it was the look on my face or the sudden realization of what he just said, but he immediately offered to clean the kitchen.  I’ve been so sleep deprived and exhausted lately that I reluctantly agreed.  Like most women, whether it’s cleaning or just folding towels, I have a certain way that I want things done.  He completely ignores that and does things “the man way” as he likes to call it.   Basically, it means that when he’s finished, not only will i have to go in there and actually clean, I won’t be able to find ANYTHING!!  The glasses always end up in the cabinet for the plates, the silverware is thrown haphazardly into the drawer, and I end up feeling like a stranger in my own kitchen. I just don’t get it.  When he’s thirsty, he reaches into the right cabinet for a glass, and the same goes for grabbing a plate when he’s hungry.  Why not just put everything where I want it in the first place?


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