Where’s MY “me” time?

I love my husband immensely.  He is two months from being promoted to Captain in the United States Army and is also in his last semester of Graduate school at USC. He works hard, yes, but so do I. I’m at home all day with our youngest two (ages two and six months). I keep an immaculate house and cook three meals a day at least five days a week not to mention all the laundry, grocery shopping, and bill paying. So, when he came home and informed me that he’d joined a spa, I was ecstatic. I thought this meant we’d both be getting monthly facials or massages, but, no, it meant HE would be getting them. All the fantasies of quiet time with no children I’d conjured up in those few seconds were squashed. No massages for me? No facials? No nothing for the woman who carried his children for nine months without complaining? Okay, with minimal complaining! I was angry and also hurt. I love being at home with our four children but it can be
overwhelming. I can’t even go to the  bathroom without company so hearing  him talk about needing alone time to relax really pissed me off. I mean, the closest thing I’ve had to a facial lately is opening the dishwasher before the timer stops, and the closest thing to a massage I’ve had is my two year old rolling all over me while I watch “Mommy TV”. I understand his need to unwind, but it would make so much more sense to share in this relaxation together. Unwinding while getting a couples massage once a month sounds like heaven to me. Apparently, it is the exact opposite for him. I just want to know when it’s my time to take a break from reality. When is it going to be about Mommy for once? I give and give to everyone else. I just wish for once it would be reciprocated.