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#LockItRevolution Review

I was again selected for an amazing Voxbox from @Influenster and @KatVonDBeauty. Four Lock-It products were in this particular voxbox: Lock-It Concealer creme in Natural and Warm, the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush, Lock-It Setting Powder, and the Lock-It Setting Powder Brush. I’ll be giving a short review for each product.

The Concealer cremes were my favorite items in the box. They are very pigmented and provide a full coverage that most concealers fail to do. They covered up my tired Mombie bags for crying out loud!

The sculpted concealer brush is the perfect shape to get into the hard to reach places under your eyes and around your nose. Its shape gives you much better control than other brands.

The setting powder is light and perfect for giving you a finished look. A little goes a long way though. If you use too much, it gets a bit messy!

The setting powder brush is soooooooo soft and fluffy. It’s one of the best powder brushes I’ve ever used.

*I received these products for testing purposes only in exchange for an honest review!


If True Love’s First Kiss Could Be Bottled…

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive Tender Romance in the Ralph Lauren Fragrance Campaign from Influenster. I was skeptic at first because I do have horrible allergies. I opened the box (excitedly of course), and instantly caught the light, airy fragrance wafting from the pretty pink box. After opening the box and taking the top off the perfume, I inhaled the sweet, floral scent. I know why it was named Tender Romance. It smells like the fairytale ending to every Disney Princess cartoon! It has such a light feminine scent. It really is lovely and aptly named!

*Although I received this product free for testing purposes only, these opinions are all my own!*